Is this service secure and confidential?

All services offered on StrikeItUp were designed to guarantee the security of our members and the confidentiality of their personal data at all times. You can communicate with other members without worrying about confidentiality. It's up to you to decide when and to whom you disclose confidential information. Other members have no access to your personal email address, your telephone number or your home address. As a member, we provide you with your own email and voice box that allows your to send and receive personal messages in a totally secure environment.

Privacy statement

Confidential information about our members refers to: complete name, home or work address, telephone numbers, email addresses, URL addresses, credit card or bank account number.

Confidentiality of personal data

Under no circumstances do we reveal confidential information about our members (unless required by a lawful authority). Only the most general information that members enter in their online profile is published on our web sites or partner sites. The email address provided by our members is used exclusively to communicate with our members.

No third party trading of personally identifiable information

We do not sell any confidential information about our members to a third party. We will not disclose any information that could allow to contact the person outside our service. Upon their consent, our members will receive only messages transmitted by the Internet site where they are registered.


We use the highest security standards to ensure the protection of confidential information about our members. Our technical team guarantees an environment where our members can enjoy the service of StrikeItUp in the utmost security. It is the responsibility of our members to refrain from divulging confidential information in their personal profiles and or their public messages on StrikeItUp. In order to safeguard our members' security we may refuse to publish any member profile or public message that contains confidential information.

Our members can modify their personal information on our site or deactivate their profile from our database at any time.